Welcome to sicklax blog where vital and seriously professional information is absolutely simplified and bared for easy use by sicklers and/ or care givers and relations’s

The Integrated medical systems approach to the care of sicklers:-

This is a brand new blog and unlike any other on sickle cell anaemia on the internet. The only real difference is that it represents a fundamental paradigm shift from the orthodox approach to the care and health of sicklers.

There are three main systems of medicine recognised by the World Health Organisation. These are:-

  1. Orthodox, Biomedical, Western Orthodox Medicine
  2. Complementary And Alternative Medicine
  3. Traditional Medicines
  4. Each of these systems has its theoretical basis, knowledge base, professionals, unique diagnostic and treatment/care approaches. They have at their disposal different healing tools and substances. These systems are there in every country of the world. However the dominant system in the particular country tend to crowd out the rest and sometimes violently oppose the other systems. In this age of information what is the benefit of mental isolation to the individual or the society? I believe there is none. For more than twenty years I have drawn from resources in the three systems, integrated them and produced immense benefits for thousands of sicklers beyond their fondest dreams. I wish to extend these benefits worldwide through the medium of the internet. Please pass on to others, whether a sickler or not, the information we share on this blog and urge them to pass it on also.If we each light our match sticks and raise them up who says we cannot light up the world. LOOK OUT FOR FURTHER POSTS.

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